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About Us

Sharon is self employed and runs a small company providing an intimate,personal service for clients dogs, by the name of 'Sharon's Pet Services'. The company provides dog walking and pet care in the local area. The company is licenced by Ealing Council, allowing her to walk a maximum of 6 dogs at one time, but the usual group sizes are 3-4 dogs. The company holds public liability insurance ( with key cover),& walkers are DBS checked or work under Sharon's direct supervision, to give you peace of mind,& the dogs van is commercially insured, fully equipped, & light and airy with air conditioning to keep the dogs cool after a fun run in the park!

Sharon herself is a retired Registered Nurse and, after many years of looking after humankind in Intensive Care for the National Health Service, has dedicated herself to her next love - that of animals and in particular, dogs.  She has successfully undertaken professional training and attained a  Diploma  in Professional Dog Walking and Animal Care as well as a Canine First Aid Certificate to ensure that she is up to date with all of your dog's needs. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Walkers.This Association has been formed to make a distinction between those dog walkers who abide by a professional code of conduct and ethics, & those who do not.The Association works nationally with local authorities to promote responsible dog ownership for everyone

To book Sharon either use the 'Contact Us' tab on this site or call Sharon on     07512 215154 or you can e-mail us on

Prior to booking your dog walking or pet care service, we will conduct a short consultation session which is, of course, free of charge. This will ensure that your questions are answered and that we understand your pet?s needs and your own preferences.

This little talk helps us to create a bond with your pet, and ultimately, helps you to feel comfortable with our services. Once you decide that we offer the service that you need for your pet(s) we will of course have a small amount of paperwork to complete which includes our Contract with you, Veterinary Release forms, Pet Profiles, Preferred Payment Method etc.

 Sharon hopes to be seeing you soon!