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Quotes I often see Sharon out walking and she and the dogs have always looked happy and content, she's a natural animal person. If I ever needed a dog walker I would definately use Sharon. She always has them under control, even when off lead. And no, she didn't pay me to say this, I only know her to say hello to when we cross paths in the fields and parks! Quotes
Observed from a far!

Quotes sharon in a word is brilliant... she's never let us down and we do sometimes give her very little notice to walk our hound - "coed". what's so lovely is the peace of mind you have, knowing your dog will be entertained, exhausted and looking forward to the next date with sharon. thanks a mill.... Quotes
julie neill
a very satisfied customer

Quotes Sharon is a wonderful person who cares deeply about animals and has an excellent relationship with the dogs in her care. We often see her in Gunnersbury Park, in all weathers, with a group of happy dogs. That's a BIG WOOF to you, Sharon!!! Quotes
West London Animal Rescue

Quotes Before Sharon set up the service she was deeply involved in Greyhound welfare and has two rescued dogs residing with her. Her very caring approach and expertise is carried into her pet services. Besides being great with dogs she is a lovely, friendly, person and easy to do business with. Highly recommended. - David (owner of Hugo, 10 month old Border Terrier) Quotes
David Kline
Very satisfied customer

Quotes Sharon so loves animals. Her own and other people's. My greyhound loves being out with her and is always happy and well looked after. Thanks Shaz! Quotes
Satisfied customer