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Dog Walking

Our dog walking services are designed to try to meet the needs of both owners and their dogs. Whether your requirement is for a regular daily walk (Mon - Thurs) or a more flexible arrangement to fit in around your work patterns, unexpected calls away from home, if you are elderly, or hospitalized or you need a walker for any other reason, we aim to provide the solution to the care of your dog.

All of our walks are at least an hour long (that is a full hour, traveling time is excluded) and are filled with fun, play and interaction that will get the best out of the hour available. We vary our walks in the  many parks and open spaces available to use. These include Gunnersbury Park, Elthorne Park, The Three Fields, Boston Manor Park, Horsenden Hill, and Cranford Country Park to name but a few.  At the end of the walk your dog will be returned to your home tired, content and happy.

PS. If you know of any other good dog walking routes please do tell us!! We are always looking for new places to go, as dogs thrive on new scents, surroundings and environments!! Sharon does too!

The dogs on our walks are engaged with games and toys with some basic training in mind. Sharon is always armed with delicious home prepared treats to reward good behaviour and to keep the entire troop on track!

Sharon texts each owner at the end of every walk to let them know how much fun their dogs have had whilst they are stuck at the office.

Whilst we do mainly walk in groups (6 dogs is the maximum, but we usually walk on 3-4 dogs together, and it's much more fun for the dogs!) 

Your dog’s safety is always our primary concern. We would prefer that all the dogs we walk be off lead, but until we can be 100% sure that your dog knows us and will come back, we never let your dog off the leash. Each dog has a personality and in some instances, you may wish us to keep your dog on a lead at all times. We will, of course, comply with your wishes as we aim to offer as individual a service as you and your dog need.

The safety of your dog and those around us is vitally important to us so we ask that all dogs are properly vaccinated, regularly wormed and given flea treatment, and that proof of this is provided at our initial consultation visit. If you have a bitch who is not spayed we do need to have the estimated dates of their ‘season’ as we may only be able to provide a limited service during that period of time. Whilst we also endeavor to accommodate un- neutered males, again, this may only allow us to provide a limited service for you. We also ask that if your dog is aggressive or has problems around other dogs you let us know so that provisions can be made.

Walks take place Mon – Thursday (Fridays Sharon volunteers at Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare in Hersham,Surrey) Times of walks vary based on number of dogs requiring a walk on any given day.


Our services are tailored to suit the personalized needs for your pet. The number of walks, visits, and all other special requirements needed to give your pet the best possible care are all factors which determine our pricing and our fees are calculated accordingly.

  • One hour start from £13 per hour for walks
  • Additional Dogs from same family from £9 per  hour
  • Two walks per day start from £22 per dog with an additional charge of £11 per additional dog.