Sharon's Pet Services

Care that your dog  & cat begs for

Going away but your dog or cat can’t cope in a cattery or kennel? Do you prefer to have people not know you are away? Our dog or cat feeding, and care service allows your pet to stay at home instead of boarding at a kennel or cattery whilst you are away whilst also providing that extra level of security in ensure your home retains that lived in look.


Standard visit lasts 20 minutes

Change litter trays, ensure clean water is available, feed pet and ensure all bowels are washed at the end of each meal

Spend time with pet providing fuss, basic training and letting out into garden

Gather post from front door, open and close curtains, place rubbish out for collection, water plants and garden, turn lights on off and generally ensure that your home retains that 'lived in' look

Regions we cover include Ealing, Brentford and Hanwell in London, UK

We recommend two visits per day as a minimum in order to ensure your home security and pet needs are addressed. The number of pets cared for does not alter the pricing.


  • 1 visit per day (20 min) from £10.00 each
  • 2 visits per day (20 min) from £18.00 each

Longer visits can be arranged and will be priced upon request.

We have a set approach and process in working with you and your pets. Prior to any service, we conduct a short complimentary in person consultation to ensure all your questions are answered and we understand your pet’s needs and preferences. This meeting allows us to create a bond with your pet, and ultimately, helps you to feel comfortable with us and our services. If you decide to move forward with us, we have a small amount of paperwork required for completion which includes:

  • Contract of Service
  • Veterinary Release forms
  • Pet Profiles
  • Preferred Payment Method