Sharon's Pet Services

Care that your dog begs for

Dog or Cat Feeding & Home Security

Our  dog or cat feeding service allows your pet to stay at home instead of boarding at a kennel or cattery whilst you are away. At the same time it avoids imposing on friends or neighbours.  A standard visit lasts around 20 mins, working to the needs of your individual cat  or dog.  Sharon will feed and fuss them, let dogs out into your garden, change litter trays, ensure that clean water is available and that all bowls are washed at the end of each meal.

In addition we will remove post from your front door, open and close curtains, switch lights on and off, place your rubbish out for collection, water plants (even the garden if needed), and generally ensure that your home retains that 'lived in' look.

We recommend two visits per day as a minimum in order to ensure your home security.  The number of pets cared for does not alter the pricing,


1 visit per day (20 min)  from £9.00 each

2 visits per day (20 min) from £15.00 each

Longer visits can be arranged and will be priced upon request.